Security: How to achieve a Microsoft Secure Score for Devices above 95% in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Microsoft Intune

This blog article shows how to master the security recommendations of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) with Microsoft Intune and achieve a device secure score above 95%.

  1. Security recommendations analysis and how to start
  2. Security recommendations covered by security baselines
  3. Security recommendations overview not covered by security baselines
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Microsoft Intune: How to deploy Windows Features

This blog article covers how to deploy Windows Features like Windows Sandbox or Hyper-V with Microsoft Intune.

  1. Spoilt For Choice
  2. The approach
  3. PowerShell script for installation/uninstallation (WindowsSandbox.ps1)
  4. Custom Detection Script (DetectWindowsSandbox.ps1)
  5. Create Windows app (Win32) package
  6. Deploy Application with Microsoft Intune
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Security: How to use Security Baselines and which policies can cause impact for your environment

This blog article covers the implementation options of the different Microsoft Intune security baselines and gives an overview of policies that can impact your users.

  1. For what purpose are the security baselines?
  2. What security baselines are available?
  3. How should the security baselines be used? How do I start?
  4. Which policies should be considered and checked in particular, as they could affect the user experience in your company?
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