Security: The 10 most essential details about the new Windows LAPS solution

The Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) from Microsoft has been around since 2015 and I have always liked using it because it was quite easy to implement and manage. Unfortunately, Azure AD (Cloud Only) support was missing and LAPS could only be used with an on-premises Active Directory. Therefore, in a cloud only environment, you had to use alternatives such as the community solution CloudLAPS. Fortunately, Microsoft is working on a new LAPS solution with the name Windows LAPS that finally offers the long-awaited support for cloud-only devices.

This blog article presents the 10 most essential details about the new Windows LAPS solution.

  1. #1 Operating System Integration
  2. #2 Supported scenarios
  3. #3 Supported platforms
  4. #4 Architecture
  5. #5 New Features
  6. #6 Management & Configuration
  7. #7 Legacy Support
  8. #9 Release Date
  9. #10 Documentation, session and demos
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